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Analysis of the legal texts and reforms needed for the management of irrigated land in Niger

Analysis of the legal texts and reforms needed for the management of irrigated land in Niger
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Aladoua Saadou

The start of the work of the Kandadji Programme, for the construction of the Kandadji dam, has provided the opportunity to analyse and reflect on the legal texts relating to irrigated land in Niger. This has led to strong recommendations for improving the legal framework for the management of public land, particularly irrigated land.

The approach of this study, commissioned by the Global Water Initiative (GWI) in West Africa, is to present the main texts which require updating in the light of current concerns and expectations of stakeholders namely: the State, farmers, local authorities and the technical and financial partners involved in development of irrigation schemes. The study also examines the texts relating more generally to land owned by the State and Local Authorities and those relating to irrigated land, as well as the legal tools frequently used for the management of irrigated land.

The overall aim of the study was to provide suggestions for a modern legal text, adapted to the current context, which will facilitate the sustainable and equitable management of irrigated land in Niger.

For more information, please see our work in Niger.

October 2014

GWI West Africa


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