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Bagré: towards customised advisory services that work

Bagré: towards customised advisory services that work
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Serge Alfred Sedogo

This factsheet outlines how local smallholders and agricultural advisory service (AAS) providers in the irrigation scheme around the Bagré dam in Burkina Faso came together to develop a detailed action plan to improve the availability and quality of AAS. 

Farmers and scheme managers each undertook a self-assessment which highlighted tensions between the two parties. As a result of this, joint working groups were formed to design a detailed action plan and address the challenges identified. The working groups included representatives from national AAS providers, research organisations and NGOs as well as farmer representatives. Over approximately 6 months, the groups met to identify priority areas and elaborate the steps required to address these, including the roles and responsibilities of various actors. This let to an action plan that was communicated locally through community meetings and FM radio, and presented at a national level to potential partners and funders. Specific actions have subsequently been incorporated in new donor-funded initiatives, and in the work programmes of farmer organisations and irrigation scheme managers.

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October 2016

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