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Consultation of local communities affected by the Kandadji dam on the issue of 'long leases' to compensate for land loss

Consultation of local populations in the area of the Kandadji dam on the issue of 'long leases' to compensate for land loss
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Aladoua Saadou

The High Commission for the Development of the Niger Valley (HCAVN) initiated on behalf of the Niger state, the development of a standard contract for an emphyteutic (long) lease for the people who will lose their land as a result of the the construction (for public use) of the Kandadji dam. The provisions of this lease agreement must ensure fair compensation and land rights for those people whose farmland will be expropriated.

In order to share and consult on the proposed standard contract for the lease with the people concerned, the HCAVN with the support of the Global Water Initiative (GWI), implemented by the consortium formed by the International Union for Conservation of nature (IUCN) and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), led meetings in all villages affected by land expropriation in the Kandadji dam programme area in November and December 2013. This report details the process and results of these consultations.

Please note: this report is in French, but you can also find out more on this subject by reading about our work in Niger.

December 2013

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