The Global Water Initiative (GWI) was an action-research and advocacy programme that ran from 2008-17. The project is now closed. This site is no longer being updated, but allows access to GWI outputs until 1 October 2020 when it will also close. After that date, information about the project and core GWI technical publications will continue to be available from the IIED website and Publications Library.

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Establishing Local Water Committees for IWRM in the Tarka sub-basin, NIger

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This report documents GWI’s experience of setting up a pilot Local Water Committee in Madaoua, in the sub-basin of the Tarka Valley in Niger. We chose this area because it lies at the heart of the most vulnerable part of the Tarka Valley flood plain. We trained a team of 9 local facilitators, who travelled to many villages to raise awareness of the pilot activities. In this report we provide some key definitions in the Houassa language, which were useful in our action planning workshops in this region.