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Institutional diagnosis of farmer organisations around the Sélingué dam in Mali

Institutional diagnosis of farmer organisations around the Sélingué dam in Mali
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In 2013, GWI initiated a participatory process on agricultural advisory services around the Sélingué dam in Mali, to change the relations between the Sélingué Rural Development Office (ODRS) and farmer organisations (FOs). An action plan was drawn up to define strategic priorities, concrete actions and detailed budgets to improve advisory services and agricultural productivity.

Implementation of this plan includes strengthening the structuring of FOs through support to improve their governance, functioning and providing quality services to their members. For this support to be fully effective, a better knowledge of the FOs was required, and an institutional diagnosis proved necessary.

The general objective of this study is therefore to understand the strengths, weaknesses, potentialities and possibly the causes and consequences of the malfunctioning of ODRS FOs, and to recommend actions to improve their functioning.

A very participatory methodological approach allowed to reach the key players in all their diversity. This results in the confirmation of findings on major axes such as the diversity of FOs and inadequacies in their functioning, in a socio-economic context heavily tainted by the extension of artisanal gold mining.

Actions to be carried out in the short, medium and long terms are proposed, in line with the expectations expressed by farmers during this study, to restructure FOs and strengthen the technical capacities of their members.

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May 2017

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