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Kandadji dam: Resettlement of Populations, Lessons Learned

The documentary film "Kandadji: Lessons learnt from the resettlement of local population" was prepared by the National Coordination of Users of the Niger Basin in Niger (Niger-CNU) with private TV channel Canal 3 Niger. The CNU-Niger is the Niger branch of the civil society organisation present in the other Member States of the Niger Basin Authority (NBA).

The Kandadji dam on the Niger river (in the Republic of Niger) is a multi-purpose dam which will displace nearly 38,000 people in two waves. The first wave of expropriation, compensation, relocation / resettlement began in 2011 involving around 5,473 people.

This film aims to document and share the lessons learnt from this first wave of displacements in order to apply them in the planning of the second wave that will affect 33,000 people. It covers the following topics:

  •     Securing land rights of the people (owners and tenants)
  •     Access to basic socio-economic infrastructure such as drinking water and sanitation;
  •     Prior and fair compensation;
  •     Information and participation of affected populations in the governance of the project;

The content of this video has been reviewed and approved by the High Commission for the Development of the Niger Valley (HCAVN) which is in charge of the execution of the dam.

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