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Making large dams in West Africa profitable: What role for agricultural advice?

4 June to 5 June
2014Bamako, Mali
Making large dams in West Africa profitable: What role for agricultural advice?

Regional workshop on agricultural advisory systems in the irrigated perimeters of large dams in West Africa - Bamako, June 2014. Credit: GWI West Africa/Lucile Robinson

Workshop aims and objectives

  1. Identify the differences and similarities between agricultural advisory systems (AAS) in irrigated perimeters around large dams and AAS in other contexts and to assess what lessons and experiences can be applied to new dams under construction;

  2. Share and discuss the results of the initial analysis by GWI West Africa on the demand and supply of AAS (and other agricultural services for small farmers) around the Bagré (Burkina Faso), Niandouba / Confluent (Senegal), and Sélingué (Mali) dams in order to identify ways to improve the design and management of AAS on these large irrigated areas (in the context of existing and emerging strategies for AAS in the region).

  3. Identify priority interventions (in terms of agricultural policies and investments) that GWI West Africa and its partners should aim to influence in the coming years.

Workshop outputs

The workshop report [French only] contains the list of participants, agenda, results of the working groups and the final communiqué of the workshop. See below for all of the presentations from the workshop.

**Please note: all presentations are in French**