The Global Water Initiative (GWI) was an action-research and advocacy programme that ran from 2008-17. The project is now closed. This site is no longer being updated, but allows access to GWI outputs until 1 October 2020 when it will also close. After that date, information about the project and core GWI technical publications will continue to be available from the IIED website and Publications Library.

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National exchange and validation forum on the improved operating contract for ONAHA's irrigated agricultural schemes

6 August2015Konni, Niger
The Komadougou river, in the Diffa region, Niger (photo : Marie Monimart/IIED)

Forum objectives and participants

Organised by the National Office for Irrigation Schemes (ONAHA), in partnership with GWI, and implemented by IUCN and IIED, this national forum's main objective was to inform and increase the awareness of people in charge of irrigation schemes on the background and the approach that led to the formulation of an "improved standard operating contract", as well as on the content of this improved contract so that they can assess and appropriate it. The aim was to stimulate a global awareness of the current situation on land tenure management in older irrigation schemes, and to yield amendments to the contract that would make it more secure for both the State and farmers.  

Chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture's Secretary General, the event brought together aroud 75 participants from all 8 regions in Niger, representing farmers and cooperatives, customary authorities, the State and local governing bodies, technical service providers, civil society organisations, and technical and financial partners. 

Forum outputs

In accordance with the terms of reference [in French only], group work sessions on the improved contract were carried out, the results of which were then reported in plenary session, and in particular the proposed amendments for the purpose of the validation of the contract. 

In addition to the presentation of the improved contract, another presentation was made on the pilot process carried out in the Namardé Goungou irrigation scheme, and the participants were updated on the actions put in place to ensure better land tenure security in irrigation schemes in Niger, consistent with the Kandadji program. 

You can read all the presentations from the forum on GWI West Africa's Slideshare page [in French only].

The forum's agenda [in French only], the Ministry of Agriculture's cabinet director's opening speech [in French only], the proposed standard contract [in French only] and both presentations from the forum (on the improved contract [in French only] and on the registration process in Namardé [in French only]) are available on GWI West Africa's Slideshare page [in French only].