The Global Water Initiative (GWI) was an action-research and advocacy programme that ran from 2008-17. The project is now closed. This site is no longer being updated, but allows access to GWI outputs until 1 October 2020 when it will also close. After that date, information about the project and core GWI technical publications will continue to be available from the IIED website and Publications Library.

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Pastoralism and water use conflict in the Upper West Region of Ghana-workshop report

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Nomadic pastoralists are important for the livestock industry in Ghana and across West Africa, but conflict often arises when they must share the same natural resources as settled agricultural communities. Sensitive issues that fuel this conflict include disputes over water use and animal invasion of crops, as well as accounts of alleged theft and rape. This GWI report details an inclusive and collaborative workshop which brought together normally divergent groups to engage in proactive, objective, outcome-based discussions. This document helps build understanding and cooperation between communities, legal/political bodies, herdsmen and the media.