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Securing land tenure for communities affected by Fomi dam: four interviews

Interview with Mr Jean-Edouard Sagno, President of the Coordination nationale des usagers du bassin du Niger en Guinée (National Coordination of the Niger Basin Users in Guinea, CNU-Guinée) [in French only]
Interview with Dr Aboubacar Sidiki Conde, Managing Director of the Fomi Dam development project on behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Works [in French only]
Interview with the Hon. Ibrahima Diallo, sole deputy of Lelouma and member of the Commission of Natural Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development Commission at the National Assembly [in French only]
Interview with Dr Bahna Sidibe, architect, urban planner and developer, and CEO of engineering consultancy firm COM-SAN [in French only]

Concurrently to the national workshop on securing agricultural land tenure for communities affected by Fomi dam, which was held in Conakry in March 2015, we interviewed four of the participants to gather their points of view and their thoughts on the subject [in French only]. They address the issues of expropriation, compensation, displacement and resettlement of local populations, and how to secure land tenure for local populations in resettlement areas.

An estimated 48,000 people will be displaced by the construction of Fomi dam: there are significant challenges to achieve this local transformation while maintaining social order and allowing the affected communities to benefit from this long term development project – for more information, see the synthesis of the working report on land tenure in Fomi [in French only].

Each of the four videos can be streamed (top of the page) or downloaded (links below).