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Towards socially just and economically viable dams in West Africa: World Water Week 2015

23 August to 28 August
2015Stockholm, Sweden
GWI West Africa at World Water Week 2015

GWI West Africa at World Water Week 2015. Photo: Lucile Robinson / GWI

The annual World Water Week in Stockholm focuses on a wide range of issues relating to water across the globe, and this year's theme was 'Water for development'. The conference culminated with a call to climate negotiators to ensure that water is thoroughly integrated in the global 2015 climate agreement.

GWI West Africa held a side event at World Water Week 2015, titled 'Towards socially just and economically viable dams in West Africa' to share some of the lessons learnt from our work in West Africa and exchange experiences with others from across the globe.


Presentations: (please note that some of the presentations are in French)

Related event: Jamie Skinner also spoke on a panel for a workshop on 'Water as a driver for sustainable development and poverty eradication' and presented findings from GWI West Africa work. His presentation focused on how: 'The right to water for agriculture in West Africa requires secure land rights'.

You can also watch the video of the GWI West Africa press briefing here:

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